Friday, August 9, 2013

Dream Outfits: Feelin' Koi

This is a re-post, but with new pictures. With a new blog, I definitely want to continue doing my Theme outfits and my Dream outfits posts. So even though this was posted over at my old blog, here are new pictures and the old story of why this is a dream outfit for me.

Cameo & Dress: Handmade/Me, Shoes: Converse, Belt: Thrifted
November 28, 2012: 

I'm going to tell you a (short) story about why this is a dream outfit. Before there was ever a Rescue Mission Thrift Shop in my tiny hometown, there was something the size of a closet called the "Bearly Used Boutique". I mean, I think this was before I was even in high school- it might have been middle school. And I still had a disdain for shopping second hand and I hadn't even really discovered DIY clothes (well, a little. I was already painting on tee shirts). I discovered that this place would do stuff-a-bag days (which was something the rescue mission used to do as well, and gosh I wish more thrift stores did it because it rocks). I started going there with my ten bucks and stuff large paper grocery bags full of clothes that I would love to have back now. One of the pieces I remember most is a white shell top with a side zip that had bright rainbow colored koi fish embroidered all over it. This didn't last long- it was almost too small for me when I got it and I was in middle school which means I was still in the process of growing up. Maybe early high school. Either way, I remember the damn top. And over the years, I've thought about that freaking top. How even when it became too small I tried to salvage it by cutting off the embroidered fish and ended up having to throw the whole thing away (this also happened to a white skirt I owned with purple flowers along the hem). Oh stupid adolescent Meg. Why did you have to go and do that? Either way, I've missed that top.
Well, fast forward to two weeks ago when my boyfriend kindly took me out to JoAnn Fabrics. I was only going to get yarn and solid fabric, I promise! Then I saw the scissors fabric. That's all! Just solid colors and the scissors.

Then I saw this koi fabric.

I mean, it was beautiful. It wasn't at all like my beloved top of years ago, but it was still cute and fishy and better yet, it wasn't white so I could actually wear it! And that, dearlings, is how I came to have this amazing awesome beautiful fish dress. And as I have dreamed over the years about that koi top, and it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the fabric, I am counting this dress in the dream outfit category.

I am in love. Better still, I don't own anything red. Almost all of my dresses tend to be in the blue or purple family. So it really stands out against my other clothes. I'm SO glad I got this fabric. It's awesome.


  1. What a pretty dress! And funny pun in the title.

  2. I remember the first time you talked about this dress - I still love it now! So, SO pretty.

  3. That dress is my absolute favorite of yours. I adore koi fish, and that is such a badass print. The red is so amazing.

  4. I also have clothes or jewellery that is long gone and always remembered. Thanks for your story and the context of the awesome dress you made. I love that you took a memory of yours and hooked it to your new item.

    I think this length on you is dynamite. And you rock the power colors of red and black. :D

  5. I loved this dress when you first posted and I still think its rad - so AWESOME fabric - I'd love to get my hands on some Koi carp fabric!

  6. Definitely deserving of its own post in the new blog, too! Such a lovely dress.

  7. I love this dress--the print is subtle yet it's so intricate!! Cute dress!

  8. I really love the fit of this dress. The fabric is amazing! :)