Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project Pictures: DIY Denim Hoodie Jacket

When I went to visit my grandparents a while back, I went thrifting with my mom and found this amazing mint green denim jacket for just a few dollars. It was new, XL and I didn't try it on before leaving the store.

Well, the body fits but the sleeves are too small.

I wanted to salvage it but I couldn't think of what to do. Then, in a rare moment of creativeness, I thought, why not sew on hoodie sleeves!! And a hood!! And I had JUST the perfect black hoodie!

But first, instead of messing up my gorgeous new jacket, I needed to try it on something I didn't mind losing. Backtrack to this other denim jacket I had waiting to be transformed from the last thrifting trip I had with my mom. Also, a tie-dye Ocean City hoodie from the first time we ever went to the New Jersey shore. (I bet you thought I donated that long ago, didn't you, Mom?)

It's not very well put together, I'm not entirely happy with the stitching and I did seam rip my finger in the making of this jacket, but I have to say I kind of love it. I would definitely wear it now, whereas before I wouldn't have (it was that weird light stretchy itchy plastic cheap denim).

I know I'm not done embellishing this jacket. I'm even toying with putting a little heart on the shoulder.

But as with all my jackets, it's a slow artistic process to get them looking 'just right'. I definitely like it a lot better now, and I can't wait to try it with my mint one.


  1. Cute creation. You need to become my mentor.

  2. This is so cute! I've been wanting to try layering a jean jacket over a hoodie - I like that you just simply combined the two!

  3. That is so awesome. I love it and would definitely wear that. You are so clever with your sewing and I am quite envious. I really love that it's a tie-dyed hoodie you used. That's just perfect.

  4. I can't wait to see Version 2 as well! How did I miss this? You're a whizz Meghan, I absolutely LOVE what you've put together here! xo

  5. It turned out so cute!! I love it.

  6. Such a good jacket - kudos for saving two items and making them into something totally awesome!