Friday, April 24, 2015

Laurel Hill Cemetery (Part 2)

In an attempt to return to blogging, I'm breaking up my Laurel Hill post into two. The first post was the cemetery itself and all the gorgeous things I saw. Next is the #ootd portion of the day.

I've been very proud of my outfits recently. I'm beginning to feel more comfortable in my style and less self-conscious, and it really helps that I'm making things I'm utterly mad about. I love all the clothes I'm wearing! Last week was such a treasure, too, because I went out with friends which means I had an excuse to dress up.

Tracy took this pic after we'd finished being ghosts and went to a local diner for some lunch. She's friends with the girls that made my cell phone sticker (Rainbow Alternative) and wanted a picture of me holding it. I'm happy she took it because I worked really hard to get my hair cute! I braided my bangs to the side and pinned the rest back from my face. I felt super adorable!

I love this tunic. This was the first ever Calliope tunic that I made. It's a neon yellow Ireland T-Shirt with a striped knit blouse and a favorite fabric scrap along the bottom. I appliqued the little shamrock from the original tee on the front. It's worn here with my new favorite Minnetonkas, my ON Rockstar Jeggings and a favorite denim jacket.

I had this jacket on at Target and I got compliments on my 'awesome pins'. It was pretty sweet to hear!

Tracy also snapped these two action shots of me. She's the sweetest!

I felt so pretty in this outfit. I wish that jobs were more relaxed with their dress codes because I would wear stuff like this every day and feel so much better about myself. In regular clothes, for whatever reason, I just feel awful, but in weirdo patchy tunics with rolled up jeans I felt alive.

Here's to more days spent feeling like that.


  1. I love this look! I wish I could find a job where my tattoos were an asset, not a cover up. I love your tunic, and I know I love love all the pieces you've made me.

  2. "super adorable" -- you took the words out of my mouth!

  3. I'm glad you had such a great day! You do look super adorable-great hair and fantastic outfit. I would totally wear all of that even if I am too old. I LOVE the tunic and your hair is so cute like that. xoxo

  4. This is a lovely post Meg - feeling awesome about your clothes is what life is about really. I kind of get what you mean about "normal" clothes - I can't imagine anything more uncomfortable than wearing jeans and a tee shirt as its so NOT ME. Love the action shots too xox