Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Emo but Make It Fashion

Nothing really changes 'round these parts, y'all.

Sure, there's a different landscape. There's a rural town surrounded by cows and cornfields and mountains where once there had been skyscrapers and charming old cobblestone streets and buses rattling past at three in the morning. A train pass has been swapped for a driver's license. There's less walking and more driving and everything is an hour away instead of just a few blocks.

But there are still thrift stores. There's still a sewing machine. There's still Chuck Taylor sneakers. There are still Sherlock Holmes books.

And there's still My Chemical Romance.

Some things just never change.

I wear my denim jacket like a second skin. Not this one, a different one. For most of the year, even when it's too hot outside, I clutch my jacket around me. It is my armor. I've worn it to auditions. I kicked up a fuss in cosmetology school when it wasn't allowed to be my 'pop of color' (we had to wear all black). It's threadbare at the elbows and holes are forming around the collar, but I never feel as good as I do when I'm wearing that jacket.

Sadly, the world is getting... warmer. And I felt like maybe I wanted a change. Something I might be able to wear to rehearsals in the spring or at least on a date if I ever got one. Earlier this year, just before the 'Rona took the world by storm, I took two dresses and a leftover jacket and attempted to make something I really would wear. It did not work out. First, all rehearsals and productions were cancelled. Second... what do I even wear this with?

Overall, I love the aesthetic. I love the sleeves. I love the juxtaposition of the floral and the punk rock MCR patch that Megan got me one Christmas. I love the bleach spattered denim. I don't know what it is I don't love about it, but it's something that I'll have to work on. I've honestly only ever worn this for these pictures.

 This dress, though, as I said in my last post, I've worn a lot. I'm not sure about the platform Converse, though. I wish I'd gotten my size. Based on the recommendations I got about a half size smaller than my usual and if they had normal Converse toes they'd be fine but the toes are a little narrow. I don't know why I was determined to keep them. I was like, "No, no, they'll stretch out."

They have not, so far.

Will they make it to next week's episode!? Stay tuned and we'll find out together! ;-P

But seriously, see you with another post on Thursday, this time about a project I'm very excited to be involved in.

Until next time! xoxo - Meghan


  1. That is a really cool denim vesty-dress-thing! I love the moon patch on the back (and yes, to the MCR patch!). But your celestial patterned dress really rings my bell - I remember that pattern being HUGE in the early 90s!

    1. I think that's why I love it so much! I LOVED this motif (and the cherub ones, which is apparent from my most recent post) back when I was younger. Just wait until you see my alien shirt! What can I say, I guess I'm just a 90s kid. :-p

  2. I cannot believe that that dress started out as a shower curtain?! It is epic and I love the print! I'm kind of a sucker myself for those 90s celestial prints :D Also that jacket is so cute! Punk rock but make it pretty *hearteyesemoji*