Monday, March 29, 2021

Back in Black

 I still think the new blogger update is an affront to my delicate writing sensibilities. What was wrong with the old blogger? Literally nothing.

Hello, my darlings!! As opposed to the greetings I use on Tumblr or Facebook (See Also: s'up fuckers?). I'm back behind the chair in a salon, so I'm once more wearing mostly black which doesn't quite photograph as well as some of my other more colorful outfits. 

My therapist has the most exciting staircase I've ever known and I worship taking pictures on it. Look at that lighting. That's some perfect selfie lighting there. She always has a good giggle when I show up with my tripod to get a few outfit snaps. 

Another day, another lurking about in all black. 

Anyway, the reason I'm popping back over to my blog is to assure you that I'm not gone. I'm ... having emotions, as I'm sure we all are, and I've decided that these long hiatuses in writing blog posts are actually good because instead of just forcing myself to schedule posts, I'm coming back when I actually have something to say. 

Link to my YouTube Channel

My 'something to say' today is that I have started a YouTube channel. I started it for many of the same reasons I started this blog, originally. I'm feeling very uninspired to make art or create. I've noticed when I have some kind of documentation or accountability, I'm a little more free in allowing myself to make things. When I used to blog, it was an attempt to train myself to get out of my house. If I HAD to write a blog post, I HAD to have subject material and I would use that to get over my anxiety (and slight agoraphobia) to actually leave my apartment and go experience the joy that was Philadelphia. Now, I'm allowing myself to make non-clothing type crafts or paintings because I'm documenting the process. Even if no one watches, I'm having a lot of fun making these videos. 

I'd like to start doing more writing like Book Store Angels (that last post I made) and, perhaps, even reading those on my channel, too. So when I update in the future, that's the kind of content I'll be making here. Until next time, if you'd like to watch me eat some weird peeps, head on over to my channel. 


  1. And I subscribed to your You Tube Channel

    1. You're awesome, thank you!! I have one more peeps video coming because I could not resist knowing what Fruit Loops Peeps taste like. I'm hoping they're really bad.