Wednesday, September 18, 2013

OOTD: The Things That Make You Feel

So, I made a thing. And I love this thing tons and bunches. I thought perhaps that I would show you what I'm calling "The Bag Dress" (alternatively, "Radioactive Dress").

Dress: Handmade/Me, Boots: Target/Gift, Necklace: Thrifted, Jacket: DIY/Me

Sometimes, no matter what it is, you just slip something on and you feel like you. That's what this dress was. I put it on and I smiled. Then I got nervous and called my mister in, who also smiled. It passed the boots and the chucks test. It passed the jacket test. This dress is like me, if I could be a dress. The things that make you feel beautiful are just that. To make you feel beautiful. Not someone else, not something else, just you. This dress makes me feel beautiful.

And I'm about to make like six more. I'm not joking. Day of the Dead FABRIC, guys. As my mister says, I never do things in moderation. ;-)

I guess that is one of the reasons I've been sort of silent over here. I just haven't really been doing a lot, and I wear the same outfit every day (Lisette, jacket, shoes) and I feel bad! Like, you guys don't want to see the same damn dress every day! And you're all so fabulous! Of course, that being said, get ready because I'm not exaggerating - I'm making like twenty of these suckers.

I got a few questions about my jacket, too. Someone wanted to know what is on it, so I took a few close ups.

The Philly Aids Thrift button is because I love that place. I've had the I Need A Nap button since high school. The Broad Street Butchers is my friend Jill's favorite roller derby team (mine is the Philthy Britches) and I like to wear things that remind me of my friends. The Kangaroo patch is because it reminds me of Stacey and Desiree and my other Aussi pals. I used to have the Kiwi button Trees gave me on there but I  moved it to a different jacket. (Ditto for a certain purple bee pin.) The studs are off of my old belt. The American Flag ribbon pin came from a consignor that brings me pins. The eagle patch is from a military jacket I wore in a play back in 2006. The skull is my own design and the anatomical heart I got at the Punk Rock Flea. On the back is a doily from where I work and a Crash Bang Boom! patch that I bought when I was with Brenna on South Street.

Every time I start a jacket it becomes a scrapbook of the places I've been and the people I've seen. Every single one of them becomes something sacred. :-)

Well, that's it for me. Until next time!


  1. That is SUCH an amazing dress. As always, I'm in awe of your ability to make things that you wear for yourself.

    Love the close-ups of your pins too!

  2. This is such a cool dress - the shape and cut remind me of my "holy ship!" dress. Simple but lets you shine through. Love the pin collection - I like the idea of jacket as scrapbook.

  3. I know that feeling! the dress that feels like 'you', you make the most amazing pieces and the dress is fab, and those boots! love 'em! the jacket is so cool, I want a 'I need a nap' badge! x x

  4. Great dress. And your jackets do have a scrapbooking aspect.

  5. The dress is very you for sure! I like it a lot and I always like when you add your jacket to your look!

  6. You definitely need to make more of those dresses because you look awesome in it!!

  7. I'm already counting the minutes until I see the Day of the Dead version:) I know this feeling and I also think if a dress makes you feel this good you should have it in every print imaginable! The fact that you made it makes it all the more awesome! You go Meghan!

    I think I'm also in love with your "every jacket becomes a scrapbook" Do you know that I have a pile of bowling patches that my g-ma won over the years, she was quite the bowler, and I have always wanted to add a few to a jacket but never have. I need to get on this.


  8. You're right, everything about this outfit looks so 'boom! you' The waistline of the dress goes perfectly with the crop cut of the jacket, I *love* the length and how it goes with your boots. Most of all, I love and admire that you can make clothes that you love and feel gorgeous in.

  9. That dress is so pretty on you! I love that you paired them the boots as well. Gorgeous girl! xo

  10. Sorry for not commenting earlier (I think you know how it is to suffer from antisocial funks...)

    But anyway, I really do love this dress; simple, classic, very cute on you! My first thought on reading your post was Hey! I want a dress that 'you just slip something on and you feel like you.' and then I realized I do have a favourite dress, so comfy, cute and I have two I made out of the pattern. I guess it's my equivalent to your 'Lizette' ;-)

    I love all the personal touches to your jacket. Stylistically, it's fun, but it's so much more interesting to hear all the meaning behind the decorative touches.

  11. Day of the Dead version? YES! I love this dress on you - its a very "Meg" dress and it will look so different in different fabrics. Who cares what anyone else thinks! Fashion rules are all crap anyway. I love seeing your outfit posts even more since I actually stayed at your place - its weird but its just nice knowing I've actually been there hanging out with you xoxox

  12. Super cute! I'm impressed that you made it too! That seems like a huge hurdle for me...

  13. I love it! I think I need one too! The design is so simple. I love clothes like that. :)