Monday, November 11, 2013

OOTD: Buggin' Out

One of the coolest things about my job is learning new things. I get to spend large portions of the day researching vintage items, what they were used for and how we can re-use them into something else. It's a pretty sweet gig.

I always knew what a botanical print was, but I never knew  how common or varied the style was. All of them are beautiful. I love them because they remind me of medical illustrations- I love those kind of clearly labeled art pieces.

So when I found the most amazing insect fabric, with bees and moths and flies, I fell in love! I had to make a dress.

Sorry about the wrinkly front. Hate ironing!
Dress: Handmade/Me, Cardi: Thrifted, Boots: Dr Martens
What is even cooler is instead of insect names (well there are some of those) this fabric has printed quotes from authors and other people about bugs. It's really neat! Anyway, that's all for me on this dress. I love it, and I'm really loving this pattern. I like how I can get away with wearing the same thing, just in different colors.

(And by "get away with" I mean "doing it no matter what".)

Until next time!


  1. Lovely. And it's fun to learn new things. Good work!

  2. You find the coolest fabric, I swear. This dress is awesome, I love it with the cardigan too.

  3. Wow, I love the print, too! It's so subtle; from a distance it looks like stone blocks or maybe very old mirrors with insect forms on them. And I love your definition of "get away with." :D

  4. It's awesome - I wish I could see a close-up of the fabric to see all the details!

  5. BUG BUGBUGBUGBUGBUBGUBG DRESSS OMG LOVE!! That is the best print. I think you should just wear that dress all the time imo, because I so would.

  6. Love your dresses! Even thought they're the 'same dress' they are all unique and speak to your character, and special to you in some way, and it's so awesome you share them with us!

  7. Love your cozy style, enjoying going through your archives. :) This dress is gorgeous.

  8. AWESOME dress!!1 where did you find the fabric??

  9. How did I miss THIS POST??? WHAT?? I love that frock - you have been finding the most amazing dress lately, seriously. Also it is PERFECT with those tights.