Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OOTD: Keeping Warm

Good golly is it COLD here this week!


Unfortunately, I'm the only one of my co-workers that would totally keep the door open and the heat off when it's 50 degrees outside. Even some of my consignors who know me well have been commenting on how they are miserable but they know I'm loving this weather.

Dress: Handmade/Me, Shirt: Goodwill, Belt: Philly Aids Thrift, Boots: Gift

More men's shirts!! I love these things- they are so soft and they keep me super warm! This one I got at the Goodwill in Lancaster when I went to visit my mom. Which reminds me, I do need to do a write up of this cute little town we visited.

Well, a shortie post from me today. I've been super tired this week- busy, as always, and then on top of that I'm thinking about some things. ;-D I'll tell you more later, if I get the chance. Until next time!



  1. I know men's shirts and this is a nice one. Good selection. BTW, I was just thinking about how courageous you are. I don't know if people mention it enough to you but I admire your bravery.

  2. I love that skirt - it looks awesome with the plaid.

  3. I love the layering in this look! And you look warm and cozy! It's getting colder here too, so I feel your pain!

  4. I love all the deep forest greens in this outfit--the plaid is perfect with teh print in the dress.

    I'm with you on the I LOVE COLD wagon!!!

  5. Eee! There's that fantastic circle fabric!! It's been cold here too, but my inlaws keep the house very warm! So I've actually had my window opened a few times. But the fall air smells so crisp and fresh!!

  6. I love this - such a "Meg" look and it does look snuggly and warm!

  7. The color coordination and variety of prints in this outfit is GREAT! 50 degrees is okay by me, it's perfect for these sorts of cute outfits... In the 30s or below... I have to bust out the long johns and jeans, style be damned! Until I get some fleece lined leggings/tights (which I would still wear over long johns, not going to lie... my body doesn't produce its own heat very well since I reached adulthood).