Friday, November 15, 2013

OOTD: I Can't Look At The Stars

I'm obsessed with the song Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and there is a line in the chorus of the song where she sings "I can't look at the stars/up on Heaven's boulevard". It's beautiful - if you haven't heard it, go look it up because it's wonderful.

Of course, I CAN look at the stars. I LOVE stars. I used to have moon and stars themed bedroom stuff (of course, who in the late nineties didn't? It was kind of a trend, I think). I even have a space/galaxy dress. Today's dress, however, is a little bit more primitive country inspired. I just saw the fabric and (with my love of stars) knew I had to have it. I feel like a witchy princess in this one and I can't wear it enough. On the unfortunate side, it has started to fade a bit, but that's alright. I'll wear it even when the stars fade.

Dress: Handmade, Boots: Gift/Target, Cardi: Thrifted, Necklace: Gift

 I might link up to Bella Q's Shoe Shine party because even though you've seen these boots, and they are nothing fancy, these are my favorites. (I just ordered replacements in black and as I write this I'm sitting here waiting for the delivery guy.) These boots have seen a lot in the two years I've had them - I've worn them to college, I've worn them to work, and I've worn them in several thrift stores. We've had adventures, as you can tell by the rugged appearance and scuffs.

It's hard for me to trust people. It's hard for me to get attached to people, and sometimes that means that I treat inanimate objects as my friends. These boots, these boots are definitely my friends. They feel like an extension of me, and they are the most comfortable thing (they weren't at first, it required breaking them in just right).

Some seriously well-loved shoes there. You don't have to own a million pairs of shoes to be a shoe-fiend. (Although, to be fair, I probably own waaaaay too many pairs.)

Speaking of friends, let me show you my necklace:

I know I've worn it a bunch but I can't recall if I've ever shown a good close up of it. My boss Angela, the person who gifted me the brown boots, also gifted me this necklace. It's got a bunch of random stuff on it and I love it. When I first got it I think I wore it every day for like a month. I had to take a few things off - for instance there was a giant A on it and a pick-up truck, and as I don't drive and my name starts with an M I replaced those pieces with new charms. The two antique buttons I got from work, the diamond looking thing my boyfriend's Aunt gave me, and the rest came with it.

Well, I'm off to do things. I've got a lot on my mind and not a good way to word any of it. I will tell you this much, though. The next two days will involve a massive amount of coffee, sewing and writing. Hopefully I'll be able to show you something soon.

Until next time!


  1. Woo! Wear the dress until the stars go blue. :D (I'm fond of the Bono and the Corrs cover of that song.)

    I feel you on the inanimate objects thing. I have a blanket I've owned for over 30 years now on my bed. Comfort or transition objects can also help deal with stress. (:

    I'm glad you could find replacement boots for your beloved pair! I'm definitely resoleing my Naya boots when they wear down, and I try to leather conditioner 'em a few times a year.

    1. Aya has a blankie! Not sure I can keep that a secret. :-)

  2. I-... I need that dress. I need it. I NEEDZ IT. I'm officially calling it the Megan dress because I want it. Giggles. LOVE IT. Obviously.

    Also love your boots! Jealous of your ability to rock them. I had an almost identical pair and they hurt my feet so bad.

  3. Awesome stars. Fierce boots. Your clothes reflect who you are so clearly.

  4. I love the star print, a whole lot more than galaxy print that seems to be the "in" thing at the moment and the colour of the stars goes beautifully with the boots! Love that necklace too - you can add things and take things off that reflect who you are, so cool.

  5. LOVE this dress. The fabric is just lovely (stylized country/outsider art motifs can be are both cozy and surprisingly classy). I guess I should say I love this whole outfit. Your necklace is eclectic perfection! (It makes me wish I was more of a jewelry wearer.) And really coveting the boots, since I couldn't break in any of the pull-on styles I've tried recently, and relented to a more modern lace-up boot to save my poor feet.

  6. gorgeous dress and an amazing necklace! the boots are fab too, isn't it great when we get things passed to us? I personify way too many things!! x x x

  7. LOVE the song--and Grace Potter!!
    Everything is better with stars on it!! I love the necklace!!

  8. I love this dress so hard. Stars are one of my favorites. And it's ok to be attached to inanimate objects, I totally understand that! Your necklace is pretty freaking awesome too.

  9. I love stars too! This dress is just fab! What pattern did you use?? I also really love those boots. :)

  10. Oh, I am so behind. Love the dress, the boots (to die for) and what an amazing necklace!

  11. you always wear the best prints, i love the stars!!! and that necklace is a really amazing too!