Monday, November 18, 2013

Saturdays Are Awesome

Saturdays are pretty awesome!

I'm usually at work but this month I had two awesome Saturdays off and I've gotta tell you, it's been amazing. The first of the two Saturdays I slept for most of the day, but this past weekend I actually started some new projects and finished up some old ones. And drank a lot of coffee!!

Making presents for friends.

Breaking in new boots!

My back yard is gorgeous.

I take a lot of selfies.
Writers need snacks.

Waiting for bleach to stop smelling up the apartment.
 Megan and Aimee (George) pointed out that I should probably a.) wear gloves while bleaching jeans and 2.) Open a window. I cleared out of the apartment for a while. On the plus side, our tub has never looked cleaner!!

And yes. This is really what I look like on days off. I'm the most adorable bum ever. ;-D

Hope you enjoyed my photos from my day off as much as I enjoyed taking them (I went a little photo crazy!). Until next time!!



  1. Oh I'd love to see more pics of your days off. You certainly deserved to sleep through the first Saturday off, everyone does! As for the very busy weekend spent stamping and bleaching, where do you get the energy? LOVE the results and patchwork jeans. xo

  2. You're too awesome! (What a great Saturday... you put mine to shame.)

    Yeah... I usually do the bleaching in a small tub on the back porch. I even have to take breaks when cleaning the bathroom because of the chemicals. Glad to hear that you survived! :-)

  3. You look cute on your days off!! I like your stamped pendants!!

  4. Hey fella. Here's a dollar. Go buy a cup of coffee. :-)

  5. Your backyard *is* beautiful! Thanks for sharing your Saturday with us. It sounds like so much fun that I want to crawl into the photos and sip a mug of hot tea on your porch while you hammer merrily away at dog tags.

  6. days off work are the best! and that was some bleach frenzy! you do look adorable and the gifts you are making are gorgeous x x x

  7. Ooooh I wish I had been hanging out with you! It looks so pretty and fun! ALSO CHEESE PLATE

  8. Yah!! Days off are the best - I LOVE all those stamped necklaces....tutorial please? Your back garden looks beautiful in the autumn :)

  9. Wonderful backyard - such a pretty little space - leaves! Your necklaces are so cool. Lucky friends!