Tuesday, May 20, 2014

OOTD: Embellished Shoes

I'm back!! It's been a crazy busy week, with tons of patients and lots of writing. I'm working hard to get one of my books ready to share with you guys in the next month or so (I've set goals!!). In the mean time, here is this dress I made!

Dress: DIY/Me, Shoes: DIY/Roxy/Me, Cardi: Thrifted

I'm very excited over this outfit for many reasons. I love this dress, even if I feel kind of fluffy wearing it. It's a skirt I bought when Brenna and I went thrifting, and I kept trying to make it work but I really don't like skirts. So I made the top to one of my Radioactive dresses and just attached the skirt to the bottom. I feel super pretty when I wear it, but also a little... girly? I like to have a sort of tomboy edge to my style, so this is a dress that takes some getting used to for me.

On the other hand, I love these shoes. I didn't originally, I had some major buyer's remorse. See, I wanted some wedge sneakers but I couldn't find any within my budget. So I went to Ross and picked up these Roxy booties for $20. I thought it was a steal, but when I got home, I didn't like how they looked. I thought I would look silly in ankle boots and I thought they were too big. Wah wah wah. So I stuck them in a closet and ignored them. Fast forward a year when I'm bored with my wardrobe and need something cute and office appropriate to wear to work. (Summer is not my favorite shoe season.)

I was inspired by these sneaks from Hot Topic (because the Roxy shoes were a little plain) and I decided to bling up my wedge booties.

I added the stud on the strap and the buttons and beads on the side. I have to admit, I'm in love!! These are really comfy and even though I'm still not sure about wearing booties, I have been wearing them every day now.

Don't you love when you shop your closet and find something that works after all?

Until next time!


  1. I love that you went back and re-found the booties...and then make them "you"! Fabulous. I love uber-girly mixed with those punk elements.

  2. I love the dress Meg - you totally make it work, it really suits your style and I freaking LOVE all the buttons on your booties!

  3. Lookin' good. The booties are cute and the whole ensemble suits you.

  4. CUTE dress - and I really love how you glammed up your booties, they are adorable!

    And for real if you make a hipster owl sweater can you make two? I'd pay you for one, I'm totally not joking! :)