Thursday, May 8, 2014

OOTD: Princess Dress

Lately I've fallen in love with the Lagenlook/Mori Girl styles on Pinterest, but despite looking incredibly easy I'm finding it hard to recreate the looks. (For instance, my men's shirts into smocks...)

Here is my latest DIY attempt. I used my Radioactive dress pattern for the top (and a large men's button up) and a thrifted linen skirt for the bottom.

Dress: DIY/ME, Necklace: P.A.T., Sweater: NY&Co/Thrifted&DIY

I really love this one, and I feel like a princess when I wear it! I think that's one of the things that always separated me from the other girls when I was younger. Everyone considers a princess dress to be something covered in sparkles, but I usually wanted the peasant-y rags that they were wearing prior to fairy godmother transformations. This dress is very comfy, and the only downside is I do have some Marilyn Monroe Steam Vent moments.

It's not perfect, because it was whipped up at 1 AM when I couldn't sleep, but it's still one of my favorites.


  1. Very cute. And there's nothing wrong with wanting to do a reverse-princess transformation. Lots of girls I know despise hyper-femininity and head toward rugged, plain clothing.

  2. I love this! The ruffled look is so fun - I agree, not all princesses have to be all sparkles and glam! Think of Fiona from Shrek after all! :)

  3. What a fab dress! I love it!

  4. It's great, Meghan! I know what you mean about loving the pre-fairy godmother rags. Have you seen the Robert Munch book The Paper Bag Princess? I'm sure you could whip yourself up a paper bag dress!

  5. OMG that dress is perfection! I love the skirt. I love anything swooshy. It's the swooshyness that makes me think of being princessy.

  6. First up - I've got to tell you how happy I am you are blogging more regularly! I think this dress so suits your style Meg, any dress that makes you feel like a princess is a good dress - regardless of what your definition of princess may be.