Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Post: Recent Before and Afters

I've been hard at work making stuff lately, mostly for the store, but after that very bad day I decided I needed to make myself a treat!

I saw this neon striped, zipper-back top at Philly Aids Thrift and I just had to have it! I thought perhaps I'd make it into one of my Sideshow dresses, but the sleeves were too small and it was just too gorgeous to use as a panel! A few seconds later I found this neon yellow (it's like construction-worker yellow) top on the rack next to it, and I knew somehow they had to be married.

I cannot even tell you how much I love this piece. It's very unusual for me, and I tried something new by making the bottom portion smaller than the top so it's got a drop sleeve, bubble sort of outline. It's possibly my new favorite thing. I'm super excited to wear it (and it looks fab, if I may say so myself).

And about that lovely milky necklace with it - my grandmother bought me that for Christmas. She said that because I wore so much color, she didn't know what to buy me so she bought white so it would go with everything. I loved it because it had a very milk glass feel to it.

But it just needed something. I don't know, but something. So I decided to try out a pinterest idea and nail polish the center stone! Here is what I did: rubbed a little nail polish remover over the center piece to rough it up a bit, painted two coats of my favorite OPI gray shade, and then sealed with a clear coat of NYC brand polish.

I mean, look how elegant that is now! And I wear it all the time, because it really glams up an outfit. Seriously one of my favorite presents she's ever given me (next to my Fiestaware mug, of course).

Anyway, that's all I've been doing lately. Craftin' and working hard at the 9-5 and then coming home to do my online thing. I try to keep busy because I like being busy.


  1. I'm glad you could make something to cheer you up after your bad day - I feel like crafting is the best therapy, I want to do so much more crafting this year! I love that necklace too, your grandmother has excellent taste and I LOVE the wee alteration you did - fabulous!

  2. So cute. And it's good to hear your mood perk up (now that you have heat).

  3. The blue looks great on your necklace and blue goes with so many things anyhow the necklace will still work with all your colour. I Love you re-creations so much and you inspire me. I do not have your talent but I have the dreams and imagination and am always wanting to upcycle and re-do clothing. I wish I had a dressmaker's dummy but can't really justify buying one until I actually sew more.

  4. I love how the dress turned out. I really love the shape. Every time you branch out, it's amazing.

    also I love what you did with the necklace. It heightened an already great piece to something more fabulous with your personal touch.