Monday, April 20, 2015

'Best' Week Ever

When I wrote this post I mentioned how last week should have been the best week ever but because of the work situation it was not, and I said I would explain later. So since I've given you the emo points about last week, let's switch gears and I'll tell you all about my exciting week out.

On Monday I ordered a beautiful pair of Minnetonkas from ShoeBuy (before all the work drama). They are a perfect lilac color. 

They were kind of a necessity because I don't have any summer shoes, except Chucks, and sneakers aren't quite office wear so I thought I was purchasing them for work as well as just because I love them. They are the perfect lilac pink-purple and fit like a dream. In addition to that, they came with a free tiny moc keychain in it's own box! I love packaging surprises like that. 

Monday night I went to a poetry reading with my friend Tracy. (Who just dyed her hair the most perfect shade of grey, omg.) The main poet, Andrea Gibson, was new to me and AMAZING, but the highlight for me was the opening act. I've followed Amber Tamblyn since I was about fifteen years old. Her column for BUST is always a good read and her poetry is beautiful. I thought I was just going to go listen to her read, but OMG I got to actually stand in a picture with her! 

I was shaking so hard because I was very nervous, and she was the nicest person. She kept saying over and over again, "It's okay, it's okay!" I'm such a geek. 

I also managed to convince my boyfriend to start taking outfit pictures for me sometimes. I felt beautiful in this (it's what I wore to the poetry reading). Bandannas are my new favorite hair accessory. This Lucille Ball pin-up tunic was made using my Sideshow Dress tutorial, mocs by Minnetonka, and jeggings from Old Navy. I got the choker from Buffalo Exchange while Megan and I were shopping. Jacket is from DOTS. 

My mister is the best at getting me to smile. 

Speaking of OOTDs, I had some pretty great looks last week. I like to take selfies in the bathroom while I'm on my lunch break. There are days when the doctor doesn't see patients and he allows us to be pretty casual, so I was able to wear my Sideshow dresses and thrifted treasures. I love the new grey/black/orange one because it features a large velvety griffin on the front, and the MCR one in the last pic was made using the tee shirt I bought the day the band broke up, so it's super important to me. 

You can tell I love that necklace I bought when Megan was here. 

Even though the rest of the week went sort of sour, I ended it by exploring a large cemetery with my friend Tracy. I took so many pictures that I'm definitely doing a separate post dedicated to just that day, but it was amazing. It was a gorgeous day! We both want to go back when it's more overcast, though.

Some aspects of last week were terrible, but so many of these days had such positive parts! It was both giddy and terrifying, and all of it was wonderful. 

* UPDATE * Work is working with me on the aforementioned issues, so fingers crossed that everything is looking a little brighter than it was last week. 


  1. Sounds like an amazing week. I'm still obsessed with that Griffin shirt, and holy hell the tiny Minnetonka.

  2. Wow! You got your picture taken with Amber! Can I have YOUR autograph?!

  3. This post made me feel so happy for you Meg, when work is crap its easy to feel like your whole universe it crap. But I love your new shoes, all your cute outfits (especially the poetry reading one - beautiful photo) and look forward to reading the post about the cemetery xoxo