Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tennessee Whiskey and Philadelphia Gin

You know, I always say I'm going to get back into blogging and then disappear for another few months! Gosh, crazy sauce. I should stop promising things. ;-)

As most of you know, because we've got so many mutual friends, my dearest friend Megan came for a visit last week. I've never met Megan in person, but we speak to each other every day and have so much in common. She lives in Tennessee (land of the whiskey and Elvis) and she's one of my favorite people. I was worried that we might not click in person as well as we did online, but I have to say, I had a blast!

To make the visit even more special, on Friday evening our friend Ally came down from NYC and spent the evening and Saturday day with us. The week was packed with good conversations, delicious foods and TONS of shopping (which is my favorite activity next to writing and sewing).

Megan and I ate at Moriarty's, because we're both Sherlock fans, Yummy Yummy bakery in Chinatown (where I had kimbap for the first time and discovered my new favorite food), a gorgeous little Chinese restaurant in Old City, a Greek restaurant on South Street, Trolley Car Diner (she'd never had chipped beef before!!) in Mt Airy, The Juice Room (apple, pear &celery= OMGGGGG) and Tiffin, also in Mt Airy. We didn't have a single bad meal!

Some of the places we shopped at: Philly Aids Thrift, Buffalo Exchange, Greene Street Consignment Outlet in Mt Airy, and Eyes Gallery (I really love Eyes but I did feel like the cashier was following us around too much and got uncomfortable and left). We also went in Passional and Condom Kingdom. I wish I would've remembered to take Megan in Urban Princess and Retrospect because I also love those stores, and we totally missed Garland of Letters but we were soooo tired. Next time!

Then on Friday night Ally took the reigns and took us out for a special  course taster dinner at Mica that was specifically designed around our tastes. One day I will figure out how to make coffee dusted fettuccine because it was the best thing I've ever eaten. On Saturday, Ally took us both to a delicious brunch at one of my favorite childhood memories- Longwood Gardens. I had the most amazing omelette with a delicious salad (I don't know what pancetta vinaigrette is but I'm going to figure out how to make that, too.)

We spent Saturday afternoon photographing all the pretty flowers at the gardens, and taking tons of pictures of ourselves. Then we wrapped up the day with consignment shopping in Chestnut Hill and dinner at my personal favorite place- Iron Hill Brewery where Megan and I both discovered a new love-- FRIED GOAT CHEESE.

There is really nothing more exciting than spending time with people you're close to. I have a tendency to push away my friends, and I have to say, I really did need some time with my buddies. ESPECIALLY shopping! I didn't actually buy much, but I got lots of inspiration. Megan went home with most of Philly in her luggage. ^_~

I can't wait until the next time Megan visits. We wanted to have a day to work on blog posts together, there are so many more shops to see, and I'd love for her to see Penn's Landing (it was cold and raining the day we tried to go), and we didn't have time to squeeze in Eastern State Penitentiary. Not to mention if I have my driver's license, I have MANY more thrift stores for us to visit that are hard to get to without one. Fingers crossed she comes back soon.


  1. What a wonderful post! Elegant words, beautiful pictures. A nice tribute to our time together.

  2. It looks like you three had such a great time and I am so happy that the time with Megan confirmed your friendship all the more. These photos are great and I hope you are going to cover your fridge in them. There is nothing better than looking at people you love and who love you too every time you go to the kitchen. Especially if there is goat cheese in your fridge! xoxoxo So glad you always come back to blogging!