Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Holiday Plans

I dread being asked the question, "Do you have any plans?"

For the weekend, for holidays, for personal days- whatever it is, I hate, hate hearing that question. Because unless you're someone I know very well, I will not answer you. It's too much effort! Still, working in a medical practice, I have patients, drug reps and co-workers that ask me that often.

I dislike the question because I feel like I have to lie to answer it. I have to give the easy answer. The polite answer. Memorial Day was a pretty good example- on Friday I was asked by several people what I was doing with my three day weekend. Mostly I just replied with "sleep". I don't sleep. It's a struggle I have because I really want to sleep, I just can't. In reality, while other people were out at barbecues or family reunions or the beach, I was locked in my apartment sewing like a madwoman.

It was brilliant. I feel amazing.

But I can't explain that to strangers without a long and involved, "well, I have this store and I sell these weird things, and okay fine here is the URL please don't laugh at me." I mean, I should be able to, that'd be great advertising, but with social anxiety sometimes my words get trapped inside and I literally cannot tell you something. I can't. I can't look you in the face, I can't tell you what I am doing, I can't tell you about my hopes or dreams or whatever.

So I'm just going to post about it.

$18 on Etsy
Friday night I rested. I had started re-reading a Nora Roberts trilogy I love (starts with Jewels of the Sun) because it always reminds me of my mom. Also, I love fairy tales, and Nora Roberts was a huge inspiration to me when I started toying with being an author (that's still in the works! We're making progress!). I made us some wonderful baked chicken taco things inspired by chicken flautas and read.

On Saturday morning I got up pretty early and started sewing. Setting up a folding table in my kitchen for cutting pieces, I started working on more Flying Trapeze dresses for the shop. I love this style so much! A few of the ones I pieced out were for me, so they aren't on the shop right now, but I was able to get four made by the end of the weekend to sell. I also made something new that I'm pretty in love with. They're winged heart applique bib necklaces. They're very soft and light, but super fun to wear. And if they start to curl up just hit them with an iron and they lay flat again. I'd been kicking around this idea for a while and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. There are some things I'll do differently with the next batch but they were great stash busters!

$24.00 on Etsy
I also made this gorgeous key necklace that was supposed to be for me but I ended up listing it instead. I don't know why! I might still keep it! It's an extra large vintage key, my boyfriend says probably for a car since it's so big, with a salvaged heart necklace and turquoise colored crown bead.

It's beautiful. I want it.

I've been kind of burnt out on jewelry making, so it's nice to just be making things in smaller quantities that have more artistic value.

Just so you don't think this post is a huge old ad for Cirque du Frock, let me show you one of the things I kept for myself.

I love polo dresses for some weird reason, and the Trapeze tutorial is great for refashioning men's polo shirts into cool summery dresses. This one is made from a black polo, black tee and lightweight animal print skirt. I've started taking 'styled' pics for the shop as examples of outfits you can make (mostly so I can play dress up with my doll). This is how I'd wear my polo dress on my day off- a rad denim vest, vintage key necklace and some cool moccasins or chucks. I have two more polos waiting to be refashioned for my summer wardrobe. One is green and purple striped, one is white and purple striped.

These are some examples of my 'styled' pictures. As you can tell, I was pretty excited about that denim vest (that's from my personal collection).

Most of these dresses weren't assembled Saturday, they were assembled Sunday while the mister sat outside reading, and photographed Monday for listing. Saturday and Sunday night I stayed up late, sewing and making jewelry until midnight and then reading for an hour or two. It was nice. I hope one day I have a life where I can just let my weird body have the strange sleep schedule that it wants because I would be so much happier if I could be awake until 3 am and then sleep until 10 in the morning. I drank so much coffee and there was a ton of good food, and on top of that I was productive and it feels awesome.

I hope you guys had good weekends, whether they were productive or restful.


  1. Nice creations! It's fun to spend time doing what we love.

  2. I'm glad you are working so hard! It's going to keep paying off! Your batch of dresses is awesome. I'm partial to the lion and fish ones, but I did find the tees after all ;P

    I have no idea how I'm going to handle the Big Holidays now that my mom is gone. I hope I can find something as productive to do.

  3. Hi Meghan! Your dresses and that necklace are awesome and I think it's time you just say to people, "I will work on my creations for my shop' when they ask about your holiday time. Just own that: you are creative, make fantastic things and you have a shop. If they want to know more or have time to hear more they will ask.

    I offer this advice because I too struggle with this sort of thing and it's way easier to tell someone else what to do than to do it yourself. We can work on it together. It has taken me ages to be able to say to someone that I am a writer and an artist, mostly out of fear that they would ask if I've published or sold anything. I tend to say apologetically that I dabble in writing and painting. I get asked questions I don't k now how to answer all the time, like "oh do you have the day off work today?" "What are your plans for the holiday?" What did you do on the weekend/how was your weekend?" The thing to remember is that most people are just being polite and friendly and it's okay to give a short answer. Any answer will do. "Oh I plan on having fun, or resting or getting caught up on stuff" Then ask them about their plans.

    I hate being asked if I have the day off or got off work early or just what I do for a living because the answer seems complicated. Sometimes I say things like "I'm independently wealthy" or "I lie around eating bonbons." I am dying to tell someone I am a trophy wife. Sometimes, I just say "Yes, I have the day off, today."

    Do you know about the writing share at the blog In The Writer's Closet? Maybe you would want to join in. xoxo