Wednesday, May 20, 2015

OOTD: Mango

I've had a tiny taste of unpleasantness in my shopping world lately, and let me tell you, I'm flustered! I know I dress a little weird, but hey, I'm still a generally nice person and I like to treat myself when I can, so it always surprises me when people decide to treat me... weird. Sometimes it happens when I'm in a boutique or store and I feel like I'm being judged and watched. Part of this could be the anxiety. I hate being in crowds of people, so sometimes stores make me nervous. I'm willing to accept that responsibility on myself, to a degree, but there are some boutiques where they just assume you are too poor to buy yourself something there and immediately discount you as a potential customer. It's sad, really, because a lot of stores have lost me that way.

So to balance the bad with the good, I want to tell you about a store that I've fallen in love with near my house. It's called Mango and it's in Chestnut Hill. The shop people working there are lovely, they have an ever-changing stock of gorgeous garments and accessories, and I've never once regretted a purchase from them. Speaking of, take a look at my outfit below.

Top & Pants: Mango, Cardi: Thrifted, Collar: Buffalo Exchange, Mocs: Minnetonka

These pics were taken in an attempt to get myself psyched up for blogging again. The problem is that I get up too early for pics and the sun is always shining directly at my camera. There really is no other place for the pics (which also means messy kitchen table is included in my shot!). On the plus side, I really love lens flares, and at this angle I get bunches of them.

I feel so pretty when I'm wearing this outfit. Like some kind of weird fairy-tale princess. The shoes are so comfy and I love the color of the top. It's definitely one of my favorite new outfits and I have a wishlist a mile long of things I also want to buy from that shop.

The day I went in was during that rough week I had a while back, so I needed a treat. In addition to the top and pants, I couldn't leave behind this awesome statement necklace. I don't know where (or if) I'll ever wear it- I don't go out, except to work, and it's really not work appropriate, but that beaded sugar skull was calling my name!

I really hope to do more of these type of posts where I show you the awesome stores I like. I had a fantastic shopping experience at Mango and I look forward to going back.


  1. I freaking LOVE the necklace - you don't need to go out to wear it - just wear it around your house :D You also look lovely in that top - purple really suits you xo

  2. Honey! You so should wear the beaded necklace to work. It is the perfect topper to the outfit. Sounds like your relationship with Mango is how I felt about All Saints when I first discovered them. Unfortch, now their current lines don't suit my style or body, but I do understand the relationship with a store being good.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself, and there's a reason in the movie Pretty Woman that Julia Roberts goes back to the original store that snubs her. We deserve to be treated like the richest, because we could be there to treat ourselves or spend a fortune. It doesn't matter if it's a necklace or a full wardrobe, no one should treat you like shit.

  3. Great outfit, buddy. I hope you do more posts like this. We enjoy them!

  4. This outfit is so cute and looks fantastic on you. You are glowing and you do look really pretty though its your face that draws all the attention. The colour was a great choice! I love getting a wee peek into your home too. It looks very cute and quirky just like you. xoxo