Thursday, August 20, 2020

Acid Queen

Tina Turner was Excellent in Tommy.

I had to run my mother to Target a few weeks ago and fell in love with this acid wash denim dress, but in the land of the perpetually broke (a.k.a. Me), I could not buy it. I've also been avoiding fast fashion in general, so I didn't really want to contribute to Target's bottom line. I knew that I had a vintage 80s acid wash dress that was gifted to me by my friend Megan. I used my bodice sloper to draft an a-line denim dress and I'm really quite pleased with the results.

This was the original dress. I think I like mine a bit better, don't you?

I've been very busy this week. I currently work in the medical field so it's been a little bit crazy in my house and I haven't been sewing too much. I've got a few interesting theater projects in the works, though, as well as a few new fanfics/books that I'm writing. It's funny- I re-started the blog because I wanted to write more about the craft of making things, but I've ended up running out of words on the fourth post in. Don't worry. I'll get them back. I never run out of words. ;-)

Until Next time!! - Meghan


  1. Love it! Yours is so much cooler than the.mass produced target variety and no one will ever show up wearing the same thing.

  2. I think yours looks better! The two-tone/mirrored denims look fabulous.

    Don't worry about the words, they'll come. : )

    1. Aw Thank you! I've seriously worn this dress so much, I'm really happy with it. I definitely think I like it better (the back with it's cheeky little patches where the pockets used to be are my fave)