Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Let the Sunshine In

Sometimes you do things that make you feel small, only in a good way. Sometimes, after being caged and breathing filtered air and only seeing the sun through windows, sometimes you get out and feel it on your face. A brief respite. A moment of brilliance where you're reminded why we're here.

A few weeks ago I took my mom to a sunflower festival and it was goddamn magical. 

The field we went to was large enough that everyone was able to social distance and spend a few hours out in the sunshine with these big beautiful flowers. It was on the side of a mountain, so I could look down into the valley and the sky seemed so vast. I highly recommend wearing a dress made out of a shower curtain- it's very lightweight and moisture-wicking in hot weather.

We've been struggling emotionally. Someone that we really love was diagnosed with cancer, and I've lost a few friends this year due to the virus and cancer and other things like that. It felt amazingly good to get outside for a little while and get lost among the flowers.

I didn't realize how many colors sunflowers came in, actually. Some with dark centers, some with light centers, some red and orange and yellow. It was truly inspiring.

Hope you enjoyed this little interlude of joy. Outfit coming on Thursday.

Until next time - xoxo Meghan

THIS POST IS DEDICATED to everyone that left me comments only I didn't know that 2015 me had 'comment moderation' on and so I didn't know you were there I just thought I was talking into the void. 


  1. Oh, wow, a sunflower field! I went to a sunflower farm a few years ago, and you're so right - they are balm for the soul, aren't they? I'm so sorry to hear of your friend with cancer - we just had the same thing happen to our dear Karen, who passed away in late June. It does a number on you mentally, so take care of yourself, Meghan - do stuff like this that helps your brain.

    Ha, I did laugh at your moderation note - glad you found your lost comments!

    1. It was absolutely magical! I've seen a lot of my friends who have gone to some near our house, and it was just flat but so beautiful. I feel extra blessed that the one I went to was up in the mountains. It was so remote and looking down into the valley was super cool. It definitely made me feel a lot better inside.