Tuesday, August 11, 2020


This blog is the tomb of a human I once tried to be who is no longer here and yet whose efforts I find enchanting.

Read that as: Hey y'all, I took a few years off from blogging but the bitch is back. For a little while, at least. It's the same damn channel with the same recycled programming only this time I'm older, not at all wiser and I've got a new set of sewing skills. I've started experimenting with pattern drafting and creating a wardrobe that will be my armor as we ride into battle against the patriarchy. 

I'd say I was kidding but I'm really not.

For my first post, I'd like to show you one of my favorite purchases from the quarantine. If you're still lingering around here from the last time I had a blog, you'll know I've been doing this since the mid-2000s. Since then, I've followed this beautiful brand Sofistafunk on several platforms- I low-key stalked their blog back in the day and I've followed them for a long time on Instagram. Over the quarantine, I saw The Herberdasherist (Allo is amazing, please go follow her blog) in a beautiful blouse and I asked here it was from. Her answer was, as I'm sure you've already guessed, was Sofistafunk. I decided then to bite the bullet and invest in my own piece by Arlinda.

I've loved her cropped sweatshirts for forever and I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. It's warm and soft and cozy, and it looks absolutely perfect over my dresses. I imagine wearing it to a rehearsal (oh yeah, I'm an actor now, isn't that wild?) or underneath my denim jackets in the fall. 

My favorite part of receiving this item might have actually been how it was packaged. It smelled incredible, and there was a delicious little packet of lemon tea included, which is not a flavor I'd have ever picked myself but enjoyed thoroughly. Cannot tell you enough, though, how amazing this piece smelled. I was giddy unwrapping it. 

Lately I've been really disappointed in my shopping habits. Largely, they are the same as they ever have been. Which means, I guess, that I've been buying bulk secondhand items and cutting them to pieces when they don't fit - and none of them do because I never try anything on. I keep buying cheap shoes that aren't the aesthetic I want only to be frustrated with how I present myself. I know, these are really shallow problems compared to the fact that we're currently in a global pandemic and my country is ... well, there's no words. But focusing on my clothing gives me a tiny bit of an outlet so here I am, planning my wardrobe as though I'm not in an apocalypse.

I really want to focus on more meaningful purchases that are either pieces I'm going to treasure forever (I will one day own a pair of Fluevogs!) or support small businesses like Sofistafunk. I want my clothes, my appearance, to mean something to me. I'm so sick of the pressure to look like a standard worker bee. Like the little mermaid, I just want more.

If you're a follower still lurking out there from my good old days, I'm still writing. I've graduated from cosmetology school, although I'm taking a break from that career path for reasons I hope to one day talk about more in depth. I've returned to my one True Love, which is the stage, and before COVID I'd started to get back into acting and doing costumes for shows. Deep down, though, I'm just the same Mad Rabbit I ever was. 

Until next time. XoXo - Meghan


  1. Welcome back, my dear! You're looking fabulous and setting great goals for yourself.

  2. *Manic cheering*
    Yay! Welcome back! IG is great for quick photos and snapshots but I have missed your more in-depth writing as well! :D

    1. OH GOSH thank you sweetheart!! It's so good to be back and I'm sorry I only just got this comment. I missed writing! I'm excited!

  3. Hey, Meghan, nice to see you! I love your ultra-cropped sweatshirt - so cool!

    I realized you were up to something when a ton of posts from ages/years ago suddenly showed up in my blog reader!

    1. Hi Sheila! It's been a while- I didn't even realize I had comments on because I forgot how blogger worked.

      I think it's kind of funny that I flooded your reader! I'm so sorry, I just assumed if they were pre-posted things they'd just kind of manifest back to where they were.